Heartfelt Forgetfulness 

Every 23rd of any month I wake up and look at my phone, immediately seeing the date. Is today someone’s birthday? Do I have an appointment today? I always get that feeling that the 23rd is something significant. Every month, about 2 days later I realize it is. Our anniversary. 

We don’t do gifts or anything but of course it’s just nice to celebrate the day even if it’s just a text that says “Happy Anniversary, I’m thankful for you” sometime throughout the day. For 5 months straight, we’ve both forgotten. 

The best of these though was a month he had something special planned. We haven’t sent letters since he was in basic but he thought it’d be sweet to send me a letter to tell me Happy Anniversary. We live on opposite sides of the country so any mail takes about 4-5 days to get from side to side. He predicted 3. So, the Thursday of our anniversary we both go on about our days, talking most of the time and both clueless to what day it is, again. That afternoon I check the mail like usual and there’s nothing but the newspaper and some bills. Like any other day, we talk until we’re in bed and go to sleep. 

Fast forward to Saturday morning. I check the mail expecting a package I’ve ordered and instead find an envelope, I recognize the handwriting before I can even read the address. Upon opening this little Air Force envelope I’m oh so familiar with I find a letter from my oh so sweet guy telling me Happy Anniversary. 

That’s right, this particular month not only had we both forgotten, he’d written and sent a letter and still forgot. I’m obviously never mad at him for this, but we definitely get laughs out of that one. Though I don’t have a new picture to post every month on our anniversary, and couldn’t tell him in person, I wouldn’t trade my relationship for any of that. It’s the heartfelt little things that make a difference and I’m so thankful for a relationship that can withstand 2000 miles. 

Oh, and Happy (late) Anniversary babe 😉 


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