New York, New York, Pt. 2.

In a break of the skyline near Wall Street was one of the famous churches of the city, Trinity Church. It was massive and beautiful. The lights and sounds of Times Square were a world away. Even from the outside I could tell this was a world away from my Baptist Church back home. church trinity.png

No offense, NYC, but some parts of the concrete jungle just didn’t do it for me. The buildings that scraped the sky were a dime a dozen, but the little corner churches lit up my eyes every time. Every glance at the building I found a detail I’d missed the other times. Upon entering the Church I was certain it couldn’t be any more different than mine: an organ, incense, men in long robes, candles, the list goes on and on. Though we seemed to go about it a different way I could tell the people in the pews had the same objective I do when walking into my humble church- to worship the way I know best.

Recently a quote stuck out to me. “We aren’t called to fill the pews with members; we are called to fill the world with disciples.” To me that means that no matter if you worship in a pew of the most beautiful church or at home by yourself, what matters is what you go do in the world.


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