New York, New York.

I recently went on a trip to New York City. Let me first explain that I’m from a small town in Kentucky. Though I was certain I’d rather be at the beach than in a sea of people on a dirty city street, I kept an open mind. I wasn’t excited about the long bus ride or the possibility of seeing a rat, but I had a few places I was itching to go. One being the MAC store in the middle of Times Square. mac times square.png

It was about as New York-y as I imagine a store could be. Crowded, loud, and chaotic. It was also like a dream. Walls and walls of lipstick, foundation, brushes, powders, etc. I was in search of a pure pink lipstick to add to my (small) MAC collection. I picked “Pink Plaid”, and put it on that instant. I also couldn’t resist getting a tube of their famous “lip glass” in the shade C-thru, a shimmery nude. I left with the biggest smile I’d had so far on the trip, and a lighter wallet. While I could order a MAC lippie offline anytime I wanted for the same price, the experience of buying one on Times Square is one I’ll always remember. pink plaid NY.png


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